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Menaka Ramakrishnan authors debut making novel “In this life or the next”

Young talented Dubai based Menaka Ramakrishnan in her twenties who is an avid reader has embarked upon a journey as an author. Her debut making novel "In this life or the next" - a fantasy thriller set in Dubai, is already receiving global acclaim. In a tete a tete with her, Rahul Laud tells you more about her book and...

Short story: “Clean”

The cabin in the woods was spotlessly clean.  It had always been that way, ever since the day it was built.  The clean aroma of the stew wafted out of the kitchen chimney and was lost in the trees somewhere in the distance. Cleanliness was her passion, her mission, her life.  She had adopted it in early childhood, a reactive...

Short story: “Swan song”

The phone rings rudely and raucously, rousing me from my restful slumber at the unearthly hour of 4 by my bedside alarm clock. I reach for it irritably, then pause. It can only be her. No one else would ever call me at this hour. Yet it cannot possibly be her. She has been gone from my life for over...